Sharon Weinstein, Poet

Sharon Weinstein’s creative vision centers around these ideas:
* Poetry is about the truth bared.
* It also the act of shaping your feelings and observations into a beautiful whole.
* A good poem needs to be aesthetically sound, beautiful on the tongue, and an oral gift to its listeners.

Here are two short examples.


He studies his plate.
She studies him.


I have stopped
in a place
I recognize
as mine,
I shape
my mouth
in an O
of welcome
and surprise
and swallow

Dr. Sharon Weinstein (at is a Virginia Beach poet who writes poems from an interdisciplinary perspective. She is a classical musician, watercolor and Asian Brush Painting artist, who is an emotionally evocative writer and speaker. She has performed from her book of poems, Celebrating Absences, and given creative workshops at many national venues, including as Keynote Speaker for the International Society of Poets in Washington, D.C.; in Portland, Oregon; Tennessee State University at Johnson City; at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Berklee College of Music in Boston, and many other venues.


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  1. sherri shunfenthal

    Dear Sharon,

    I bought your book many years ago when I took a poetry class with the publisher of Road Publishers. I forget his name. Some of the poems stayed with me and when my daughter left for college this year, I sought the book off my shelves and re-read it. I love your writing, so crisp and heart-felt. Thank you for the truth of mother-daughter relationships. Thank you for the love that comes cascading through the words.
    Sherri Shunfenthal
    Author of Sacred Voices: Women of Genesis Speak
    and Journey into Healing

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