Nancy O’Berry, writer of fantasy romances

ENCHANTED, excerpted below, is now in a four story print digest called UNDERSEA DELIGHT and as a large print edition by Midnight showcase. It can be downloaded as a ebook as well.

…Later that evening, after leaving the office, Dominic felt drawn toward the parking lot again. Pulling into the spaces, he cut the motor and sat before the waning tide watching the sun lose its grip on the sky.

Slowly, the bright ball was sinking in the western sky casting its long gold fingers across the Elizabeth River. The color reminded him of a ripe cantaloupe. Opening the door, he extricated himself from the SUV. Transferring the keys, he slipped them into his pocket and moved toward the edge of the pavement to stand. Across the way, the old gaslights around downtown Portsmouth twinkled on. He paused placing a hand upon the outstretched arm of the statue.
“How lucky you are,” he whispered. “You are nothing more than fiberglass, a man-made product with no heart. I, on the other hand, must keep mine protected from wellmeaning friends.” He gazed into the blue green eyes. Funny, he thought most of the statues around the city had painted eyes. Again, the great detail of the artist amazed him for the mermaid’s eyes seemed to be made from glass. Even the stone around her neck seemed real for no bauble of cut glass has such a deep blue hue. Could he be mistaken? Did he hear a sigh? Was she almost human?

A fresh wave of melancholy rolled over him. “Yet, in some ways we are very alike, Miss Mermaid, both of us have been put on display. At least you are lucky enough to not feel the pain and embarrassment when family honor is at stake.” Then for no other reason than whimsy, Dominic kissed the outstretched fingers. “Perhaps you will bring me luck.” With a tired smile, he turned away.

Moving further down the pavement, Dominic Theodopolis took his seat upon the park benches under the soft light and watched the young lovers stroll lazily in the dying heat of early evening.

Serena felt what was left of her heart contract. If only she were not hidden behind the metal of this body. In silence, she cursed her ill begotten luck thinking to herself, “if only”. She watched the man as he stretched his long legs out before him. I wonder how he would look in scales. His upper torso was broad at the shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist. With his sleeves rolled to the elbow, she could see the rich tan to his skin like the golden sand along the Mediterranean coast.

The breeze ruffled the dark curls along his head, sending a strong desire to run her fingers through it just to see if those locks were indeed as thick as they appeared. He was one gorgeous specimen. The very type she would be drawn to especially if he was a merman. It was a shame he was one of the human race. Still, Serena could feel her mouth water. The man was nearly good enough to eat.

* * * *

Nancy O’Berry loves a good story. Growing up along the Elizabeth River in the Indian River section of Virginia Beach, she listened to the tales of the ocean at her Grandfather’s knee. So its not a coincidence that her first published story involves the sea. She has been writing for her own enjoyment since 1968 and with encouragement from friends, she decided to try publishing.

ENCHANTED, her first published work for Midnight Showcase, involves a Greek shipdesigner and a mermaid who both must fine love before their parents deadlines or face the consequences. She is currently working on several full length novels and short stories which she hopes will soon find a home.

When not writing in her own little world, Nancy lives in Southeast Virginia with her husband, family, and her pets which include two angus cows. She serves as president of the local Romance Writers of America chapter which meets at Russell Memorial Library, behind Chesapeake Square Mall, the first Saturday in each month.

You may reach Mrs. O’Berry at


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  1. Enchanted is such a fun story. Talk about sibling rivalry! I just finished reading it and recommend the whole anthology. Nancy has a quirky sense of humor and a knack with words that makes you smile.

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