Ann Falcone Shalaski, Poet

Writing poetry can be as difficult as carrying water in a sieve and as rewarding as growing wings.
** Poetry is the chiseled marble of language.
** It uses words that go beyond words.
** It’s in the details that we communicate images.

Two examples from World Made of Glass:

Deep With Roots

Sorrow is my own yard
where new grass never grows.

Flowers, fisted,
sink into time.

Sadness scallops its paws,
pushes me down in the same bed,

and the bones are yours.
I pull on dying,

smell stars,
approach God angry.

Twist of Lime

I remember the night we had
Mexican food. Green chilies sizzle
on porcelain plates,

salty margaritas, smooth as river
rocks. Ceiling fans stir
the amber air,

a man at the bar neatly stacks
empties. Guitars strum,
you slow dance me through

leaving, hum that no one
stays together for long.
I think of you summer nights,

pass the open door of the restaurant,
legs bare, tomato red lipstick.
Cotton soft skirt flaring.

Ann Shalaski was born in Connecticut and lives in Newport News, Virginia, where she serves as president of the advisory council for Christopher Newport University’s Writers’ Conference and Writing Contest. She is a workshop presenter and hosts monthly open mic poetry events. Her poetry collection, World Made of Glass, published by San Francisco Bay Press, is available at


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