Aaron Hegele: The Marsh

The marsh sighted from the
Ship’s hangar bay is an unlikely
Landmark. We seem so close
We could grasp what is there.
I wish I could mark this passage
For a long time in my mind.
Soundless and rich as her voice
My memory echoes. As rich
As her voice is the sight.

Here there is a promise of a
Particular feeling.

Waterway and calm ocean
Her body and mine were once
One in my dreams.
Her life and mine were bound
Together and still are, until we,
Our dreams gone different
Directions, slowly lose sight
Of one another.

Sky blue and waterway azure
A spongy land alternately or
Partially covered with water.

My mind rushes ahead to liberty,
When we’re back in port,
When I can feel the wind in
My hair as I ride in my car.

I ride on the highway,
And the right rock song is
Playing on my stereo.

So the words, music and the
Night air remind me not
Of the promise of tonight’s
New adventure, or of the marsh,
But of her.


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