Farewell and thank you, Dr. Bill – William Carroll, Ph.D., 1936-2010


We would be one in sharing joy and sorrow,
Sharing those morsels that make living sweet;
Sharing our woes bitter and hard to swallow
With those in power and those out on the street.
We would be one as we greet each tomorrow
Knowing in life, that joys and sorrows meet.

We sing the song all Nature sings inside us,
A song of universal harmony.
We lift our voices in the cause of freedom
And peace and love for all humanity;
With faith and hope and charity to guide us,
We seek the truth, that truth that makes us free.


* Intended as third and fourth stanzas for a Presbyterian hymn by Samuel Anthony Wright entitled “We Would Be One,” based on the “Finlandia” melody by Jean Sibelius. Dedicated to Carl Hansen, Member, Senior Choir, Unitarian Church of Norfolk, Unitarian Universalist (Carl and Choral Director Dolph Hailstork had complained that the piece was too short as written in our hymnal.)


I lived my life, I had some fun;
I loved my wife, loved everyone
With deep heartfelt compassion.

I tried to dance, I sang my song;
And if perchance I did some wrong,
‘Twas not for form or fashion.

The wrongs I did were just the things
That being human sometimes brings;
I meant no serious harm.

I lasted long enough to be
A senior beneficiary;
And then I bought the farm.

May 2002


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