We started a program series in 2007 at our library called Writers on Writing on Thursdays, which features local authors reading and giving background on their work. The programs have been very successful, both because the authors have been fabulous and because we serve refreshments. :o)

We’ve invited the participants to share blog-sized bits of their work with you here, and to let you know where you can find more.

We hope you’ll visit often! And visit our library at http://www.hamptonpubliclibrary.org.


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  1. It was not just the refreshments, but the company. As a brand spanking new published author, you allowed me to bring my story to the public. As a result of your program, I was able to sell several copies even in download. The group that attended asked poignant questions and we enjoyed discussing various aspects of not only my work, but that of the author, Denise Jeffries, who presented on the same program. Would I do it again? Yes, yes, yes. Hampton is the place to be. Kudos, Hampton Public Library!

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